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Manjush's Blog Docker Commands


Docker hub the apt package system for containers

* App binaries and dependencies

* Metadata about the image data and how to run the image

* An image is an ordered collection of root file system changes and the corresponding execution parameters for use within a container runtime

* Not a complete OS. No kernel, kernel modules (eg drivers)


docker pull nginx

for a specific version 

docker pull nginx:<version number>


$ docker image history nginx:latest

$ docker image inspect nginx

* return JSON metadata about the image

Official Repositories

The root name space of the registry, so they dont need account name in front of repo name.



Tag is not version nor its not a branch, its above that

Its just the default tag, but image owners should assign it to the newest stable version

$ docker image tag <Existing tag name> <New tag name>

eg: docker image tag nginx manjush/nginx

To Github

$ docker login

$ docker image push manjush/nginx

$ docker image tag manjush/nginx  manjush/nginx : testing